Arms race

Arms race

Who: The u.s. and USSR/Russia that was like the sides other country's involved are Great Britan, France and the republic of china.

What: It was basically both sides were nervous that the other side was going to shot a missile or a nuke or something like that. When this was going on the U.S. and the USSR were making there deference better so that if there was a missile or a bomb they could survive it.

Where: The arms race took place in like everywhere that was involved.

Why: The arms war started when the Soviet Union tested there first nuecular bomb.

When: It started on August 29 1949 and it ended between the mid 1960 and 1970.


So what the arms race is about is practically threats back and forth from the U.S. and the USSR the threats where to fire or bomb the other side it never actually got into any bad combat but it was close.

This map is of the U.S. just because the arms race was almost everywhere so I just chose a place to use the map with.

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