Large Animal Veterinarian

Large animal veterinarian specialize in health management of livestock species such as horses, sheep, cattle, goats, and pigs. They are licensed animal health professionals that are trained to diagnose and treat illnesses that affect different species of livestock.

What skills/abilities will a person need to perform in this career well? why?
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree- to become a vet
A  passion for animal- wanting them to be healthy and wanting to care for them

handling skills-being able to handle the animals
social skills-to talk to customers
Good a math and science-calculating medication dosage according to weight, mixing formulas, addressing nutritional and diet concerns and working with new equipment.
Business practices- Most vets own their own business

What courses need to be taken?
mathematics and sciences, with undergraduate courses in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics and zoology,and statistics and calculus

How long is this program of study?
8-12 Years, A&M is one of the best veterinarian schools to go to become a large animal vet.

How much money made?
$50,480 per year

How much money after you have been working for a long
$141,680 per year

How hard is it to become a vet?
its not easy, it will take a couple of years to gain your clientele

How many are in the US?
21.8 Million

Does a vet have a long career or a chance of dying away?
A veteran does have a chance of dying away depending on your clients and their animals.

What are some specific reasons why this particular career might appeal to someone?
Working with animals

What are some similar career options?
Farrier, equissage, and small animal vets

What about it interested you?  What makes you think you either would or wouldn't be a good fit for this career?
I love working with animals and i want to be able to care for them.

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