Paralysis Healing

Paralysis is terrible. So many people have suffered from spinal cord injury. It's disgusting. That is why I am here. To change all of that. I will be working and raising money to donate to the Miami Project.


250,000 Americans have some sort of spinal cord injury.

82% of spinal cord injuries are male

Spinal cord injuries are most commonly caused by:

    • Vehicular accidents 37%
    • Violence 28%
    • Falls 21%
    • Sports-related 6%
    • Other 8%             
  • 56% of injuries occur between the ages of 16 and 30.
  • The most rapidly increasing cause of injuries is due to violence; vehicular accident injuries are decreasing in number.

How Spinal Cord Injury affects people

When people have a spinal cord injury they usually lose use of a limb or body part. This is terrible for many people because it is hard to complete goals and live life to the fullest.

How you can help.

While healing spinal cord injury is great, why don't we stop the problem before it happens? So along with raising money for the Miami Project, I am raising awareness for car crashes. This is one of the biggest causes for spinal cord injury. To do this I am going to suggest two things. Have your passengers take your phone for you. If you don't trust your passenger put your phone inside a pouch between you and your passenger. If you open that pouch before the car is completely stopped, you have to pay your passenger 25 cents.   

Also you can raise some money to donate to the Miami Project. Some of the best ways to raise money are, bake sales, lawn work, or a car wash.


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