Mongol Dynasties

Mongols and Yuan Dynasty


The Mongols (as you can see in the gif above) were a very large and fast growing dynasty. One of this dynasty's rulers was Genghis Khan. The dynasty was sort of in Central Asia. They had a very strong military and were very destructive. Some of the war in Africa led to much destruction and disease among the people. This dynasty split up after the grandchildren of Khan fought over who would inherit the kingdom.

Mongol Dynasty Ruler "Genghis Khan"

Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan Dynasty was basically a chip off the old block of the Mongol Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty's ruler was Kublai Khan. The dynasty was located in basically present day China. The dynasty was almost the exact same as the Mongols since it was made up by a bunch of Mongols. One of their great achievements was that they had a very nice palace.

Yuan Dynasty's Ruler "Kublai Khan"