Seven things about me?


1#.I love hunting for pigs and deer cause it's sport and you get fit .

Favourite Pet

2#.My favourite pet is my dog Cruise because he is a rottweiler and a big as guard dog that protects me and my brother and sisters.


3#.I love to play GTA V because i'm able to shoot animals and do what ever I want on there and there's hardly any laws.That's why I like to play.

Horse Riding

4#.I like to race my brother on horse back cause you can go real fast and I love to gallop on them which makes me really happy sometimes.

5#.I love MMA because I am able to learn things and do it and watch it if i'm bored.

6#.I like to play build ups cause it's fun and I get fitter and faster.

7#.I like to shoot guns cause I like the sound and when it's hits something like black birds.

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