Heading out tonight: 50 cent wings. 3PM to Closing.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I've got a tale as well. A tale of woes. Of hanging in too long, learning patience and vulnerability. Or was I really learning how to settle? How do I tell the difference?

Our favorite new quick read is a tale as old as time. "Why Do Men Love Bitches". So many references to learn. So many rules to follow. Our heads hurt. Our hearts hurt. Our dreams and goals hurt. Everyone thing hurts. Everybody hurts.

So, how do we meet new men. Men who are worth us? Men who are normal and worth our attention? How often do we apply lip gloss and get our hair done? How much money do we spend on clothes as band aids to feeling "sexy"? How can i meet a nice doctor and settle down. How can i keep my mind straight and calm down? Am i losing it?

Today we read Kourtney Kardashian finally left Scott Disick. 9 years and 3 babies later. What finally made her do it? Why did she stay so long. Did her heart finally give in? Is this a sad time for a happy time? How is she going to move on? Has she already?

It's all too much. Time to get ready and go out. Chicken wings. Beer . Happy hour. Pretty waitresses. I think they think we're lesbians.