The Mt. Shasta Club

We are going for the summit

This all started during a weekend hike at Mission Peak in Fremont, CA. We decided we would challenge ourselves to climb Shasta and the Mt. Shasta Club was born. If you are in the SF Bay Area and would like to climb Mt. Shasta, talk to us. Once we make it to the summit, we will post the best photo from the climb and leave a voice message. Photos can be posted only from the summit, but can be enjoyed by the group. Voice messages can be posted and retrieved only at the summit.

Mt. Shasta Club summits

(this list would be generated from check-ins at the summit)

  • Marcio (Aug/2004, Jun/2005, Jul/2009, Jun/2012)
  • Robert (Jun/2005, Jul/2009)
  • Isidalia (Jun/2005)
  • Vikky (Aug/2004)
  • Pedro (Jul/2009)
  • Ahmad (Jul/2009)

Climb Photos

(these photos would have a  "posted by xxx on mm/dd/yyyy" credit. Posting here should be regulated by privileges granted to people in the club and be possible only from the summit)

The summit voice messages

(each person reaching the summit would be able to leave a voice message. The list below is visible to all, but not playable unless you are sitting at the summit of Mt. Shasta)

(the button below would be regulated by privileges of people belonging to the group and would link to a form that let the person post the "best photo of the climb", record a voice message, retrieve messages from previous climbers, be entered in the top of page list)

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