George Orwell


Can one man campaign against an almighty government that has control over their citizens very minds? Readers of George Orwell’s “1984” can expect to be both disgusted and intrigued at Winston’s complex life full of lies, danger, and mystery. “1984” is a great book of fiction, story of an all powerful government and a man's struggle against it. A book that will keep you reading well into the night and late into the morn.

Orwell’s extraordinary book depicts a life under the iron grip of the government. Winston’s entire life from the moment he is born to the moment he dies is being controlled with an “invisible hand”. From his couch to his work cubicle, he is always being observed, no where is safe from Big Brother. Even more mesmerizing is that Winston is one among thousands of people who sees the truth through the government's web of lies……. and is hunted for it. Throughout his life, being a stranger in his own country Winston has found one friend, Julia. Julia is the most unlikely allie Winston could make an ambitious, youthful, deceptive women who has a view that few can even imagine in this world. Knowing that there spiraling relationship of love is taboo they continue on, no matter the cost. Although in the end it is their downfall!

“1984” provides multiple intriguing aspects, that will keep a reader in love with its detailed pages. The mystery of Orwell’s book is supremely intriguing. The intricate web of lies that encompass the life of Winston keep the reader stuck till the last string is cut. The slow string of information that keeps a reader begging for more. Than the final truth will topple Winstons entire world! Another loverable feature of Orwell’s book is the danger. The inevitability of being caught and punished in the most horrible of ways. The constant suspense that at any moment knowing that one false move or facial gesture could end up getting killed. Even the supreme danger of thinking differently than everyone else!

Although I love Orwell’s book there is one points that could be improved. After reading the book I can say that it leaves you craving more information. Adding more detail to the background of the government would be extremely pleasing. Even giving more history on Julia’s life would improve the story.

In conclusion any reader of Orwell’s fantastic book will be embedded in Winstons complex life, like a foot in quicksand. It is an elaborately written book with many different parts and exciting situations. Full of all aspects a reader could want in a book, interesting, multiplex, and intriguing. Without a doubt this is one book you will not regret reading

By: Brody Bird

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