Edgar Allan Poe Biography

This is a picture of him in 1849

Edgar Allan Poe was a poet. Often written about sad things  because of his childhood his mother dying at a young age. In the late 1800's american began to notice a beautiful actress Eliza Poe she was married to David Poe also an actor and had son named William. Then between 1806-1809 Eliza and David lives were changed by three important events. Eliza became a rising star in Boston, then in 1809 Eliza gave a second birth, then moved to New York city. After only six weeks David Poe deserted his wife and never heard again. Then Eliza had to take care of her sons and pursue her acting career . In 1810 she gave birth to Rosalie.Then in 1811 she got very sick and never performed again and two months later Eliza said her last farewell to her children. While in college Poe wrote his first story. But his friends criticized him about his stories then later Poe threw away his story in a fire then later accepted criticism.Poe returned to his birth place and got a job .There he published his first book Tamerlane and other poems. But not used his name, By the time the book appeared he enlisted to the army. Poe did well in the army , entirely free from drinking. In 1829 Poe was made to a Sergeant Major. But Poe was unhappy so requested an earlier discharge so he could attend military academy at west point . Then in 1829  he published Al Aaraaf using his real name. It got mixed reviews did not get unnoticed then eventually he published a new book what received little notice. He was disappointed then moved to Baltimore to live wit his aunt. finally reaching the top not after long it all sank after his drinking promblem came back and he lost everything and died on 1849 all alone.

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