Building a Community

Apartment hunters, as they are settling into a new place, should make a point to introduce themselves to the other tenants living next door, upstairs, and/or downstairs. Apartment hunters are also advised to look at more than just the apartment they are considering, to take in where it is within the complex. The Longwell management understands that apartment hunters have many options before them, and so they work hard to remain competitive in a fierce marketplace. They understand that when a potential tenant comes to look at their facilities, they are likely to be knowledgeable people who know the ins and outs of looking for a new place to live. They should see who they are likely to end up with as neighbors, and also to be a considerate neighbor themselves, once they have signed their lease and moved in.

Most tenants understand that a strong network of neighbors works to the benefit of everyone. It is always good policy to be on friendly terms with those who live around you, but it also adds more security to your property and the property of your neighbors, who can keep an eye on things when the others are out for the day. One of the things that apartment hunters are advised to remember as they go through their apartment priorities is to look for a place in a good neighborhood, and with good schools if they have kids. The company bought the complex in 2008.

Avante Apartments are owned by The Longwell Company in nearby Bellevue, Washington. The complex, in Kent, Washington, gets high marks in all categories.

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