My Friend Hopipo

Hopipo is not your average guy, he wakes up before the sun to walk his son 3 miles to school. He then walks 5 miles to his job at Mc Donalds to serve the 15 people that have the money and cars to get to this stranded food palace. After 8 hours of work he walk the 5 miles back to school to pick up his son, and then the 3 miles back to his house to drop him off. Hopipo then walks to his parents house to take care of his father that has cancer and no way of going to a hospital because the closest one is 263 miles away. So he sits with him until he falls asleep, then walks home to get some sleep. Hopipo is not mad or depressed that he has to do these things, but is greatful that he is able to walk and provide for his family. Then when he closes his eyes to sleep he grins to himself because he knows he will do the exact samething the next day.

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