Close Encounters with
Small Drones on Rise

Will civilian drones be banned?

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       Since late 2009, there has been over 23 civilian drone crashes and 200+ unsafe incidents according to the Federal Aviation Association, or FAA. Currently, hobbyists are legally aloud to fly their drones no more than 400 feet above the ground, away from highly populated areas, and 3 miles away from airports. These restrictions are being ignored, which is a huge safety issue. Drone crashes have included hitting people in the grandstand at a motorsports park in Virginia, and  a drone crashing into the 30th floor of the Metropolitan Square building in St. Louis. This March, a man was fined $2,200 for hitting a building in Manhattan. The drone plummeted to the ground, and almost hit a pedestrian in the city. The FAA is working on new laws that will address issues with civilian drones. They are set to be effective in mid 2015.

Ideals Related to this Story

Rights and Liberty

       This story is related to rights because the entire debate is whether civilians should have the right to use drones. People should have the freedom to do what they want and fly drones, but not if its endangering other civilians. Also, liberty is related to this story because civilians should be able to build UAV's themselves and fly them without being stopped by an unnecessary force such as the FAA. However, not if the FAA is stopping them for a good reason.

By Michael Rosen, Pd. 5

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