John Green's three main points about Catcher In The Rye

1. John Green explains how Holden is obsessed with stopping time. He disagrees with the civilized adulthood in the society that he lives in and he tries to control time. He does this as a way of protecting himself and others from the phony world pf adulthood.

2. Holden changes in the story from someone who sees time as a straight line from adolecence to adulthood, to someone who sees time in a circle. Eventually, Holden sees time as a continous motion where innocence and awareness come and go and are not permanent.

3. Holden is obssessed with findng out whether or not adulthood will be ok for him. He tries to find out by asking adults that he knows but none of them are interested in reponding to him. He is more interested in learning about adulthood than living in the moment.