Christopher Columbus

Who Was Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was a man born between October 31, 1450 and October 30 1450. When growing up he would sail short distances on the Mediterranean sea every day with free time on his hands. As he grew up he would sail farther and farther but as time came he started asking king Ferdinand and queen Isabella questions like if he could do sailing missions or sail west to find different land. So more and more time and the king and queen took him on his voyage! He sailed with the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. When he sailed west with his crew that was made up of his brothers, cousins and mostly prisoners that were let free, he found land named the Bahamas archipelago and Christopher named it San Salvador. But when he got there he didn't care as much as he did with the precious metals he wanted, gold! He was commanded to bring minerals and spices to the king and queen but he was a kind of greedy man.

What Did He Do After These Voyages?

Christopher had about 6-7 voyages to get more and more gold from Taino people at San Salvador but as time flew and more voyages were assigned and Columbus would get sick. When the king and queen knew there was something going on as in Columbus isn't bringing enough or any gold or spices were not given they would give Christopher a punishment and that was obviously jail time. He took a harsh 6 weeks in jail even in bad conditions. After the rough and tiring weeks of pain the king and queen would send him to one last voyage. But this voyage was not close to successful at all. The boat didn't even make it to the navigated land.

When Did Christopher Columbus Die?

Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506 in Valladolid, Spain. He died of illness and poor health at age 55. Before his death he suffered of inflammation of eyes and was diagnosed of arthritis. With these bad conditions he could barely see and was hurt of agonies. So what did Christopher Columbus do that impacted our world? The discovery of new parts of the world.

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