Navigating Early

How Jack changes throughout the book.

Navigating Early Project by Conrado Javier


Jack's mom dies and his dad is in the navy so jack goes to Morton Hill Academy and meats this very strange kid Early. on page 4 it states " But When my father came back to Kansas, it wasn't for a parade, it was for a funeral. My mom's." ( Vanderpool). Also on pg 17-18 Early mysteriously appears in the class says what he has to say then is gone and all you hear is the door quietly closing.

Rising Action and Conflict

Jack and Early start to become close friends and start to work together but then Jack tells Early that pi (the number) is starting to look like its going to end. On pg 65 it states "Dr. Stanton-he's going to present his theory next month about pi ending. He says one number has already disappeared and eventually pi will die out." " STOP THAT! You don't know what you are talking about." (Vanderpool).


This is when Early takes Jack on this crazy adventure and there was a lot of surprises but also some silent and in my opinion awkward moments. On pg 110 it states "We glided along  in silence for a long time, each of us lost in our own thoughts. The river had a few turns that Early guided me through" (Vanderpool). This is an example of a silent moment they were both kinda just siting  there.

Falling Action

Jack at this point is still kinda lost and doesn't know where to go and is stuck with Early. Jack and Early find themselves caught by some pirates "I stopped rowing, and our boat lagged just a bit behind their barge. It was enough distance foe Early to Whisper what was on his mind. "Pirates!" (Vanderpool 128). Then Jack and Early end up crossing a river, and the river current was moving very fast Jack ends up getting a gash in his head, he ends up passing out. " A log was rushing strait at me. It struck me. I felt a sharp pain in my forehead. Then i saw something and knew i was slipping into unconsciousness. (Vanderpool 156). Then Jack and Early meet this man named Gunnar. He helps them throughout there journey and is generally a good guy. He feeds them, gives them a place to sleep, and also trained them. on pg 166 it states " We all sat on stools around the fire and ate for a time in silence." (Vanderpool).


In the end I think Jack is like a whole new person, in the beginning Jack was just that kid who always just wanted to live a normal life but then his mother died and his father was in the navy. Then Jack had to go to this academy. It was like he had no mom and dad. Now Jack is that normal kid with a friend.         

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