Tundra Animals


On the internet it says they look beautiful when they lay down in the sun and their fur glows. The tundra wolf is a Carnivore. They love us because we help get their homes. They are in love with us because they need help getting back to their home is they get lost.

Here is my musk-ox it is an omnivore they are in a dangerous situation because the are endangered and they only have up to three thousand left in the whole world.They are in the world still because of us.They love the people that raise money for them and the people that love for just what they are.They want to be set free but they cam't because they are wild animals.They love running that is why they have to stay out there in the wild.

This is the black bear it is so  hard to get the facts but I got them but the facts are supposed to hidden.But one facts about the black bear is it's a tundra animal.They live in different places but are actually tundra animal. That is creepy but it's true.

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