Identity Theft
Should you worry?

Marisol Jacquez

The term identity theft means a person who uses your identity and personal information for financial gain. According to a February 2010 study by Javelin Strategy & Research, statistics show that about 11 million Americans per year have their identity stolen resulting in $54 billion losses. Most people would agree that this can be very traumatic but others argue that identity fraud isn't such a big deal.

"When your credit card is stolen, you simply report it and get a replacement, and the card issuer takes all or most of the financial loss, not you." This clearly shows that some people don't think identity fraud is something to worry about. In fact the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics [BJS] argue that out of all credit card fraud cases only 14% of those victims lose money. Those 14% of victims receive $100 for existing credit card fraud and $800 for personal information ID theft.

In my opinion, I do think that identity fraud is something to worry about. What if you end up being one of those 14% of victims who have there identity stolen, of course you would be worried. In one case, "Bryan Rutberg's identity was stolen on Facebook. Shortly after joining, his page was hacked, and a bogus message was posted stating that he had been robbed while traveling overseas and needed money to return home. He tried in vain to remove the phony plea for help, but the scammer had changed his password and "defriended" his wife, so he couldn't even view his own page. Concerned friends offered assistance, but he was unable to warn them."

Furthermore, not only can somebody steal your identity while your on vacation, but identity fraud can occur even after death. Johnnie Salter had died at age 72 while still owning two credit cards. Two weeks after his death, there had been 21 new credit cards and a loan made for a new car-in his name. "It's bad enough to steal someone's identity and ruin their credit," added Salter's sister, Billie Crane. "To do it to a dead man and to his family so shortly after his death is just terrible."

Cases of identity thefts have been rising over the past years. "More than one in three cases results from a lost or stolen wallet, checkbook, or credit card. In roughly 10 percent of cases, the thief is a friend, relative, co-worker, or acquaintance of the victim." One way in which we can solve this problem is by people become more anonymous. Meaning, people should stop giving all their information to others and social media. We must all work together in order to maintain our community a safe place.

This movie is called Identity Thief, in which Melissa McCarthy (Diana) steals the identity of Jason Bateman (Sandy Patterson). She gains his personal information and identity and takes advantage that he has a girl name. So Melissa McCarthy pretends to be Sandy Patterson, so the police come knocking on his door....