Lab #5

Today my class dissected a frog. My partner and I had the location of the lungs,heart, intestines, stomach and the liver in the frog. Once the frog dies it gets stiff, so its a stiff to get into at first.  

Lab #6

This is the salt that works better than the sugar that me and my partner used.  I think the salt has more fibers or protein in it to have more of the kick into it than the sugar because the sugar is more sweeter than the salt. When you stir the salt or sugar into hot water it  creates the crystal.

Lab #8

              Which common household chemicals are the most harmful?

~Egg white-peroxide-it fizzed

~ Egg white-dish soup-made a bubble

~ Egg white-green works-made bubbles

~Egg white-Vinegar-did nothing

~Egg white- Acid tone-made white lines

~Egg white-kitchen cleaner-did nothing

~Egg white- ammonia-does nothing,just bubbles

~Egg white-mr.clean- does lines; looks like the egg white is cooking

~Egg white-baking soda-lumpy; doesn't absorb  

Some of the household chemicals didn't effect the egg white but some of it did. I think the chemical has to be strong enough to effect the egg white but luckily some of the chemicals worked.

Lab #9

Yes, vinegar will make an egg go soft.

Lab #10

This is what an Corprinus looks like under a microscope. As you can see there are zebra like prints and blue dots on the other side that is separated by the white line. Another word you can call this is a mushroom.

This is called a Gran Negative/Positive and it looks like this under a microscope. The chemical has the colors of pink and purple.

Lab #11


This is an electrical circuit and the battery connects to the wire and then connects to the light bulb, then after you've done that, you plug the battery in and it lights up the light bulb. If you connect a bunch of wire to the light bulb it will still light up and that is called an electrical circuit.

Lab #12

This is a Agar Sculpture and you put a chemical with water than boil it, then after your doing that you have it freeze over night in the fridge and it turns into a solid where you can design or sculpture anything you want.

Science Advertisments

This shampoo advertisement is scientifically proven because the chemicals in this are suppose to make your hair more healthy and stronger, so it won't lose any volume. Then toothpaste advertisement is also scientifically proven because the product is going to make your teeth stronger and whiter. Last but not least the hand cream is also good for you because it moisturizes your skin and makes it soft, so your skin won't go dry.