Technovation Team Challenge

Blake MS 6th-8th grade girls are participating in an international technology entrepreneurs competition called Technovation!

The Purpose

To empower girls to create the technology of the future (not just use it).
Technovation wants to close the gender gap for women in technology and business.
Over the course of the program young women all over the world will be creating solutions to issues in their community, no longer being just a user of technology but an innovator.

The Challenge

Technovation challenges young women to develop an app to solve a real problem in their community.

  1. Build a relationship with a Woman Mentor in the field of technology and business.
  2. Develop an app for a social cause:  come up with an app idea, conduct user research, create a business plan, design an app, and develop a prototype.
  3. Leaders from the technology and business sectors judge the apps and provide feedback to the teams.

    Registration: February 2nd
    Deadline: April 23rd
    Link to Presentation

2014 Middle School Division Winner

Your Commitment/ Deadlines

Tuesday after school  2:15-4:00
Our main planning time as a team. Please try to attend these meetings.
*Of course, if something comes up, no worries.

Additional times for you to work on the App. (optional)
Mondays After School
Wednesdays Morning (6:45-7:30)
Friday Mornings (6:45-7:30)

Official Start- Our First Day will be Tuesday, Jan 13th
* Location: Mrs. Heim's Classroom Room 301
* Time: 2:15- 4:00

We will discuss the following Agenda Items:

  • Come up with a Team Name
  • Clarify Days and Times to Work on the Project
  • Decide if we should break into Two Teams
  • Talk about the Parent Permission/ Online Registration Form
  • Discuss possible Mentors

Ms. Horvath will send out Calendar Invites for the Dates/Times. Your job will be to

ACCEPT, MAYBE or DECLINE the event to let us know if you are attending or not.

Team Members

Teachers: Mrs. Heim, Mrs. Buley, Ms. Allen, and Ms. Horvath
Honorary Member: Mr. Vaughn
8th Graders: Maddy M, Olivia, Emily
7th Graders: Jamie H
6th Graders: Kate A, Mary O., Paige K., Allison L

To Get Started

The 2015 Registration Deadline is February 2, 2015
To register for the official competition, Technovation must receive complete signed consent forms from every team member or her legal guardian AND a team registration form submission which includes names and contact information for all members of the team before the registration deadline of February 2nd, 2015.
Join Team: Blake's Technovation Team

*We may have a separate permission slip for Blake due before our first meeting date.
*Watch for emails from Ms. Horvath with more information and/or talk to one of the Team Teachers.

* Link to a Parent Guide

2015 Pre Program Survey

The pre-program survey is required for registration and provides Technovation and its parent nonprofit organization, Iridescent, with important information about the impact of Technovation on its participants. Please complete this survey before you start working on the curriculum.You must complete the survey to be fully registered. The registration deadline is February 15, 2015.  CLICK HERE

Show off your Technovation love

Share all of your hard work with with the Technovation community by posting and updating your progress on social media. Share your current #Technovation status, pictures, and videos and let us know how it's going!

Microsoft KickOff Event- Jan. 31st

Event Details

Interested in taking part in the Technovation Challenge?

Come to the Technovation 2015 Kickoff & Orientation!

Get the info, find a team, and learn some AppInventor!

Here's the agenda (subject to change):

9:30 am Sign In

10:00 am Welcome: greetings, name tags, find your team

10:15 am Introduction to the Technovation Challenge: roles of Industry Mentor, Teacher/Coach, University Mentor

10:30 am Inspiration: presentation by a Tech Professional

11:00 am Inspiration: presentation by past National Competitors

11:30 am AppInventor Tutorial

University Mentors - lead the first AppInventor tutorial for the entire audience

12:15pm Lunch: cheese pizza & soda

1:15 pm Student Workbooks: presentation & activities

2:15 pm Break

2:30 pm App Idea Reviews: teams present ideas to CS Undergrads for review and feedback

2:45 pm Technovation Tutorials Intro

3:45 pm Re-Group: Closing & Questions

4:00 pm Close


What is the Technovation Challenge?

The Technovation Challenge is a technology entrepreneurship program and competition for young women. Through our intensive 3-month, 50-hour curriculum, teams of young women work together to imagine, design, and develop mobile apps, then pitch their “startup” businesses to judges.

Almost 3,000 young women from 28 countries have created mobile apps through Technovation, thanks to dedicated local volunteers on the ground worldwide. No prior programming experience is necessary for students, for teachers, or for mentors. The program is free to all participants.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The Microsoft NERD Center is easily accessed via the T - take the Red Line and get off at the Kendall/MIT stop. Parking is available at NERD for $10 on Saturdays. Free parking is available at MIT's Hayward St lot on weekends.

What's for lunch?

We will have cheese pizza and soda for lunch. If you cannot eat cheese pizza, please make sure to bring your own lunch.

Have questions about Technovation 2015 Kickoff & Orientation Event?

Contact MassTLC Education Foundation

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