Aquarium Project
       By, Mia Adams and Ashlyn Carney


The first fish that we chose is the Long Fin Minor Tetra. The Long Fin lives in water temperatures of 72-82 degrees F. This fish can live with any find of fish. Though it can be aggressive at times, the Long Fin is usually very calm. It is 2 inches in length and needs to be in a 10 gallon tank. The Long Fin also swims in the tanks and does not mind having plants. Each fish is $3.99 each, and we bought 2 fish, so we spent $7.98 on the Long Fin Minor Tetra for the tank.

The second fish that we chose was the Mickey Mouse Platy. The Platy lives in water temperatures of 72-82 degrees f. They can live with any fish. They Platy needs plants to survive and they also swim in the middle of the tank as well. The Mickey Mouse Platy is 3 inches and must have. 10 gallon tank. They are 1.00 each, and we bought 3 of them, so the final amount of we spent on the Mickey Mouse Platy was 3.00 for the tank.


The tank that we bought was the small tank, because each fish only needed 10 gallons of water in a tank, and we didn't want to go over in money. The small tanks capacity is 35 gallons and it produces 127 gallons per hour. The dimensions for the tank were 30" L x 10" D, x 14" H. The volume of the tank is 4200 in cubed. The tank is also 10,500 gallons.

In all, we spent $10.98 dollars In fish for the tank.

Small Tank


The gravel that we chose was the Deep Blue Sea gravel. We needed 6 bags of gravel, so that we have enough to cover the 2 inches of the bottom of the tank. The volume would be 600 inches thick The 6 bags of gravel is 27 pounds.

Tank Decorations

For the decorations, we purchaced the Blue Medium artificial plant which costs $15.00, the Begonia artificial plant which costs $4.00, the Jungle Pod artificial plant which costs 12.00. For the other plants we purchaced, they were live plants. These include the Green Mondo Grass plant, which costs $9.00, the Corckscrew Plant, which costs $1.50, and the Ribbon Plant, which costs $8.00. For all the plants, it costs $34.50.

Where Money Was Spent

Fish: $10.98; Tank: $150.00; Heater: $36.00; Filter: $55.00; Hood: $40.00; Gravel: $33.00; Plants: $34.50; Volcano: $25.00; Tall Drift Wood: $40.00. This equals out to be $439.48 dollars out of a $700.00 dollar budget.


3a+2b= $10.98

3 Mickey Mouse Platy and 2 Long fin Minor Tetra.

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