Dos Equis - The Most Interesting Man in the World

This campaign was launched to bring attention to the Dos Equis brand in 2007 by escaping the clichés of typical beer advertising. They appealed to men's desire to be the ultimate 'man's man.'

A Leader in the Industry

This commercial has led to Dos Equis success because of the extremely unique advertising method. They appeal to a man's desire to be like the 'most interesting man in the world' with clearly hyperbolized attributes and a link to the Dos Equis beer.

Using the Media

Hundreds of Twitter and Pinterest pages have been created in which viewers share comical descriptions the 'most interesting man in the world' based on the widely popular commercials and parodies. The tag line "stay thirsty my friends" has also drawn attention in the media, with multiple parodies putting spins on this line.

Becoming Part of Pop Culture

This 2014 campaign aired during the olympic season - an event in our culture that draws a significant amount of attention. By basing a commercial around various events in the olympics, Dos Equis effectively tied itself into pop culture and connected with all viewers  - even those not familiar with the brand.

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