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Pronghorns are mammals and related to the deer and antelope families.

What are the Pronghorn characteristics?

- they have bodies that look like deer
- they have branched horns, which are black
- weigh between 90-125 pounds
- 3 1/2 feet tall (not including the head)
- 4 inch tail
- color of their body is white and brown

Were do Pronghorns live/ecosystem?
- Pronghorns live in western and central North America, Mexico, and Canada.

- live in open plains, grasslands, fields, brush, and deserts.

- Pronghorns that live in northern regions, must migrate to warm places where there is food and water.

Rapid Process

Grass fires can start in the dry season. Fires can start from lighting strikes. Fires spred through dead grass and high winds.


Move: Pronghorns, animals that fly (birds), and foxes.

Adapt: animals that live underground like prairie dogs and pocket gophers. Also, amphibians that live near water.

Die: animals that can't escape fast such as bunnies, chickens and cows

- Pronghorns are able to migrate quickly and far due to how fast they can run. They can run up to 60 miles per hour. They can also run for a long time.

- They can outrun their predators. Some of them are mountain lions, humans, golden eagles, wild dogs and coyotes.

- Pronghorns tell each other of danger by raising the white hair on their rumps.

- They also hide in grass for hours to survive.

What do Pronghorns like to eat?
     Pronghorns like to eat grass, cacti, shrubs, and plants. They get most of their water from the plants that they eat. They don't eat meat.

Plants found in the ecosystem:




Bluebonnet - Grassland

Sweet Clover

Animals that live with Pronghorns: snakes, spiders, lions, zebras, antelope, deer, prairie dogs, and leopards.

*they live about 11 years old  
*second fastest mammal after the cheetah
*they shed there horns.
*their name means American antelope goat.
*their eys are on the side of there head, so they can see predators coming

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