Talking to a Teaser

Jay has been teasing Kieran about his leg brace for weeks. Kieran is really upset because he's very uncomfortable wearing the brace, but knows it's the only way for his leg to get better. Jay's teasing makes Kieran want to take off his brace.

Kieran has decided he's going to talk to Jay, and is practicing what he's going to say. He has thought of three different ways to tell Jay to stop teasing him. Help Kieran decide which way is best.

Read Kieran's ideas and write if you think it is or isn't a good way to talk to Jay. Tell why for each.

1. "Jay, next time you tease me about my leg brace, I'm going to take it off and hit you over the head with it. It's heavy, so it'll really hurt!"

2. "Jay, I really don't like it when you tease me about my leg brace. Wearing it is the only way I can make my leg better. When you tease me, it makes me hate my brace even more, and I want to take it off. Please stop."

3. " think you should stop teasing me. It' cool, and you If you don't stop, I don't know. Just stop it, okay?"