Persuasive Essay

By Miguel Escobar

     Have you ever lost someone dear to you because of someone bad. Wouldn't you like for there to be less of them. If there are more good people then there would be less deaths. There would be less pollution because people would take care of the world. The world needs more good people to be safe and peaceful.

    The more good people there are will mean that there will be less bad people. Which will mean that less people will die. They will help others and keep people safe from harm. If we have more good people then we can be safe and secure.

    The more good people there are will mean the world will be more peaceful. If we have less bad people we will be able to live in peace and live without the fear of constant danger. We will be able to live without being afraid in our own house alone. We will feel safe and protected within the walls of our homes. We will know that if a threat does appear we know that there will be people that will help protect each other.

     If we don't have more good people we would be okay some people would say. Except the crime rate will stay the same and possibly rise if we don't get more good people. More people will die and our world would still be in the state its in, dying. Some will say it will cause an unbalance in the world. The balance may be thrown out but it will be okay because we will be safe and peaceful and not fearing for our lives.

   The conclusion is that we need more good people it isn't a want it is a need. Without more good people we will still be o the path we are on. If we do then there will be more bad people because this generation doesn't have a lot of good people. Were going down a dangerous path and if we don't turn back now we won't ever be able to turn back again.

Letter of Recommendation

Dear whom it may concern,

         Aracelli Galindo is a hard working person who does anything she is told. She follows orders and pays attention. She is a hard worker and has many skills to help her on her path that she is on. Aracelli has helped me get things done and stays on track instead of veering off.

        If you accept her I promise that you will see a hard working person. In he line of work it's good to be good with animals I'm assuming. She would be an amazing veterinarian I assure you. Please consider her carefully and with and open mind and you will be amazed.


                                                                                      Miguel A. Escobar.

Letter of Intent

Escobar, Miguel A.

9669 Abnegation Road

San Francisco, CA 92392

May 18, 2015

Katniss Everdeen, Girl on Fire

Trauma Surgeon

1112 Seam Ln

District 12, Panem 8160

  Dear Katniss Everdeen,

         I will be an amazing addition to your facility. I am a hard worker and a fast learner. I have many skill to offer and help with the job experience. I would be a good addition to your team.

       I am applying to be a trauma surgeon to help out in the field. I have had training at the career academy of Districts 1 and 2 and I'm well trained in combat and medicine. I have worked on patients for the capitol but want to join the rebellion.

                                                    Thank you for your consideration


    Miguel Escobar


NAME- Miguel Escobar

PHONE NUMBER- 555-666-7778

ADRESS- 99669 Katniss Everdeen Street


OBJECTIVE- My goal is to be an amazing surgeon.

EDUCATION- Ceilo Vista Elementary (5yrs), Quail Valley Middle School (3yrs), El Dorado 9th Grade Academy (1yr).

LIST OF ACHEIVEMENTS- Winter recital, recorder recital, spelling bees 2nd -5th grade), Cinco De Mayo celebration, Band, Theatre (4 plays)

EXPERIENCE- Queen Industries I worked with the computers 9(2005-2010) I was in charge of company website. Palmer Technologies maintained the company website and in charge of keeping it up. (2010- Now).

SKILLS- Computer sciences, singing, acting, cooking, robotics, and technology.

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