Kiva Kids Reflection

My name is Anderson, and I am telling you about a project I am doing. First about Kiva. Kiva is a nonprofit organization that helps people get lent to worldwide. They have a website where anyone can lend to people who are applying for a loan. Almost anyone can apply. In math class we are making a smaller version of that inside our school. Our math teacher represents Kiva and helps us apply for a loan, we ask for a loan and represent the borrowers, and the other teachers loan to us and are the lenders. Once our loan is fulfilled, we buy products and sell them to the school. Once we make enough, we pay back our loan. This is how it works in real life as well.

A feeling that resonates with me is having a better understanding of complexity of world issues. This resonates with me because I realize that if there are already millions of loans fulfilled on kiva, millions more trying to be funded, and many places that kiva doesn’t get to, there must be millions of people if not more trying to get money because they’re poor or need it.

I also realize that the US has a lot of people that need money, however there are many countries that have even more people needing money. I use to think that there weren’t that many people in poverty, but now I realize that there are a lot of people.

In conclusion, I think that there are many people worldwide that need money and this is new to me.

I am proud of my value of multiple perspectives. It is an accomplishment because it is an important value to have. To accomplish this I had to listen to my groups ideas instead of just mine.

This is extraordinary for me because I was not very good at this before. In the future, I will continue to work on my value of multiple perspectives.

I can relate value of multiple perspectives to the US Government, which shows how important it is. Value of multiple perspectives is also a value needed in leaders worldwide.

Being a borrower feels like a lot of different things. At the start you feel excited and a little nervous, because you don't know how your going to do. Once you have your first sale you either feel good about your business or bad about your business based on your sale. When the first pay back is due, you are very anxious because you don't know how that's going to go. The rest of the time you just are anxious, and sometimes get in fights over the littlest things. An example is that recently, my group made a decision to pay for two advertisements as well as more product. This means that for the time being, we can't make a loan on Kiva. However if we sell enough product, we will be able to loan on Kiva. It was a very hard decision. Overall it is a pretty stressful time.

A quote that reflects my feelings, learning, and project, is this quote:

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

-Colin Powell.

Why this reflects my  feelings, learning, and project, is because my group didn't start off so well, but then we learned from our mistakes and got better. For example, we learned that we had to prepare for sales.

A global competence that is resonating with me right now is communication and collaboration. Why is because we are collaborating a lot on or end of the year work. We also have to communicate when we have our next sale. In conclusion, I think that we are communicating and collaborating a lot more.

Thanks for reading!