5 Photo Story
Story By: Jordyn Johnston
Photos By: Owen Ellingson

“You’ll never guess what happened to me Sarah!”

Sarah and I were sitting at the edge of the dock dipping our feet into the cool lakes water. We had just got back from summer camp and we had a lot to catch up on.

“Oh you just have to tell me Marcia! I have missed you so much I don’t want you to miss a single detail!”, Sarah exclaimed.

“So when I got there I thought I was in for a terrible summer. All I saw for miles was grass and trees. Like where is the mall and the movie theatre right? Anyways the first couple of days we just got to explore the camp. I didn’t have like any friends there because they were all nature freaks. I was pretty determined that I was going to find something to keep me occupied the four weeks I was going to be there.

I started to follow a trail when I came upon a huge fortress of trees. There seemed to be like four-wheeler tracks out of nowhere. I kept on following it because in all honesty what else was I going to do? So this is the good part.

As I was walking along I saw bear tracks! I wasn’t sure if this was even real life! I was petrified. If there was a bear lurking around I was not going to be around when he got hungry. I started to run and I didn’t look back. I think I might have lost my way on the way back because it was taking me FOREVER to get back. I kind of started to panic. It was going to get dark soon and there was no way I was staying out in the stinky wilderness. While walking through the tall grass I saw a fence in the distance. I figured if there was a fence there had to be help or someone who would know how to get back to camp.

As I approached the fenced area I saw I beautiful horse. You know I am not crazy about animals because they poop and stink and what not but this was a breathtaking creature. It like looked into my soul and made me love it. Is that weird? Well anyways as I was admiring the horse a camp counselor came up behind me and tapped my shoulder. She told me that if I wanted I could ride the horse later in the week. After my encounter with the horse I just couldn’t stop coming to see him. So then guess what?”

“Oh tell me tell me!”

“I called my parents and asked if I could buy the horse and they said yes! We go pick him up next week!”

“Oh Marica that is so exciting! You so totally have to give me lessons on how to ride him!”

“For sure Sarah! Before school starts up again we will be riding cowgirls! Wanna go for swim?”

“Sure let’s go! But Marcia, you aren’t going to turn into some nature freak are you?”

“Absolutely not! Last one in is a nature freak!”

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