Jan is trying to bully Chris because he is unpopular so they start asking him all these personal questions and he thinks they are just trying to be nice.he starts giving them all his personal stuff.now they are just using it against him and cyber bullying and mental bullying.

if i was apart of this group i would help him out and make it start say sorry be his friend i wouldn't want to bully him anymore he did nothing to divisor  this all he wanted was a friend. i would feel really bad i would regret it i would put myself up saying i did it i would let everybody no who did it and i would tell them no not to do it and tell them the harms

s.2  SAY NO!!!

if you and your friends are witnessing bullying but doing nothing about it you are sending a message that bullying is OK and your not really hurting no one from it you can save a Pearson life. if you and your friends are bystanders you can go and get a teacher tell a teacher go and help him out don't leave and if you are sitting there and your watching him get cyber bully report it. you give of a message that bullying is not good it can bring people to commit suicide. they are jealous and just want attention or they were bullied