Typography Hierarchy Poster

Take time to view examples of Typography Posters on Pinterest or other sites.


Step 1. Chose a quote.

You may use your own personal quote or find a quote. Be sure to include the author.

http://www.brainyquote.com/ | http://www.inspirational-quotes.info/

Quotes in Spanish

Step 2. Create thumbnails

Create at least 4  thumbnails.  Sketch out some designs.  
These designs must be turned in for credit.
*Scan and upload!

Step 3. Open Illustrator

Create a 8 1/2 x 11" document.
Name the document: TypographyPoster_YOURNAME

Step 4: Create Text Boxes

Type each word.  Then Click the selection tool (hold shift) drag from the corner to resize.
Drag to resize.

Step 5. Edit all boxes until you get a design that you like

Change the colors, Font, Size, Kerning.

Experiment with different fonts - You may download fonts if you'd like. Dafont.com

Make sure to balance your text.

Step 6. Add a background

Find a royalty free image that will work well with your quote. Remember, don't allow it to be too over powering! Go back and take a look at the examples if needed.

Step 7. Check the rubric

*Thumbnail sketches should be added when you turn in your work.  You can turn in a Photobooth pic that you snap of them (they will be backward-flip it in Photoshop), or scan them.