These instructions are for 1st year students
2nd yr students see 2nd year post!

Typography Hierarchy Poster

For this assignment you will explore more of what you experimented with while completing the Typography Excersies.   By now you should have taken time to view examples of Typography Posters on Pinterest or other sites.


Step 1. Chose a quote.

You may use your own personal quote or find a quote. Be sure to include the author. |

Quotes in Spanish

Step 2. Create thumbnails

Create at least 4  thumbnails.  Sketch out some designs.  
These designs must be turned in for credit.
*Scan and upload!

Step 3. Open Illustrator

Create a 8 1/2 x 11" document.
Name the document: TypographyPoster_YOURNAME

Step 4: Create Text Boxes

Type each word.  Then Click the selection tool (hold shift) drag from the corner to resize.
Drag to resize.

Step 5. Edit all boxes until you get a design that you like

Change the colors, Font, Size, Kerning.

Experiment with different fonts - You may download fonts if you'd like.

Make sure to balance your text.

Step 6. Add a background

Find a royalty free image that will work well with your quote. Remember, don't allow it to be too over powering! Go back and take a look at the examples if needed.

Step 7. Check the rubric

*Thumbnail sketches should be added when you turn in your work.  You can turn in a Photobooth pic that you snap of them (they will be backward-flip it in Photoshop), or scan them.