Paul MacKoul MD Supports the Significance of Endometriosis Awareness

March is Endometriosis Awareness month which culminates in this Saturday’s Worldwide EndoMarch, an event designed to promote awareness for this debilitating condition that effects millions of women, all over the world.

Having treated thousands of endometriosis sufferers, Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD understands how important it that more women, doctors and healthcare professionals are made aware of this painful condition. The earlier a woman is properly diagnosed by a GYN specialist, the sooner she can be treated and find relief from the pain and heavy bleeding.

Using minimally invasive procedures, the specialists at The Center for Innovative GYN Care can view the entire pelvic cavity to assess the full extent of the condition and then map out the best course of treatment. Too often, we see patients who have suffered for year because they were either misdiagnosed, or even endured less effective surgeries, in which all of the endometriosis is not removed and is left to continue to grow and cause additional pain.

Even though March is coming to an end, our efforts to bring awareness to this painful condition will not end. If you would like to find out if your symptoms could be endometriosis, book a consultation with one of our highly trained specialists, today.