Brayden's Music Memory List

W.C Handy

W.C.Handy was very poor as a kid while growing up, he lived in a log cabin with his parents. When Handy got a guitar his father said to take it back and get a dictionary instead,because he thought it was devils music. When Handy graduated he wanted to move and make money for College. When he did he found himself homeless and had lice. When he passed a shop he looked and saw someone singing so he tried and made money. when he started playing the cornet more jobs came for him. Handys first ever successful song was ‘Memphis Blues.’ Later on he made more songs then became known as “Father of the Blues.”

When Handy was trying to write another song he couldn’t concentrate in his home. So Handy went and rented a room without telling his wife and tried to write another song. He heard noises from outside so that gave him an idea to write a song that practically wrote itself and he called it “St. Louis Blues.” He made over $4,000 for it but then he began writing and publishing new songs and was called the “father of the Blues.” The blues are music expressing the man’s relationship to man.
I think that the Blues are not my type because,i like modern music. I don't like sad slow music ilike faster happy music.W.C. Handy was a very good player for his time but i think now he would not be as popular with the younger people. Usually younger people like pop,rap,rock,and lots of other things too. Elderly 60+ are born with that type of music in their lives. So in my opinion the blues and W.C Handy they are OK.

Carl Orff

  • He was from Germany
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary music classrooms
  • His music school was bombed during WW II - thankfully it was closed
  • Composed during Modern Period
  • Founded a school that focused on music and movement
  • Carmina Burana is his most famous composition

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