Hominids: Doubly Wise Man

By, Madeline Bakely

Homo sapians sapians


The Doubly Wise Man had a rounder skull than regular humans today. They have a larger brain than all of the earlier hominids. They had smaller teeth also. The doubly wise man had slender bones too.

The doubly wise man lived in Africa were there was not a lot of water or food. But the doubly wise man found grain ( wheat ). They used the wheat to make a pancake like type of food. They smashed the wheat into flour which they patted out into a pancake shaped patties and they put them on hot stones which they heated up with fire.

The doubly wise man made the bow and arrow, arrows, spheres, knife, and staffs. They used these items to hunt animals and to cut the meat that they collected from hunting. The doubly wise man is the smartest out of all of the hominids.

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