shepherds roll

A mixture of sausage rolls and shepherds pie.

There is a sausage roll without the sausage (flaky pastry), with the filling of shepherds pie instead.

3 benefits of a product trial:

The creators/brand are able to test the new product(s), this helps to see the reviews and opinions of the customers/new to be customers for the product.

Product trials can help save a lot of money, this means that the business/brand can spend the money on more important objects/objectives.

The business can use the information they receive from the public to either improve, discard or reveal the product in an form they wish.

3 disadvantages of a product trial:

There may be a lot of time and money thrown away due to the publics opinions on a product, if there is no like to the product at all, and the product never reaches the shelves, all the work put into the product creation along with the decoration of the packaging.

Product trials can delay a companies schedule/release date of a product, and sometimes by more than a few months, this can also create a bad reputation of the brand in the eye of the public because of the lack of product releases in comparison to other companies.

Globalisations of brands are making products a lot more difficult to distribute across the globe, each product is beginning to be linked/launched in one or two particular countries, and some never reach other countries, giving the brand/business a lot less recognition and a slightly lower reputation.