Email Etiquette
By: Melissa

1. Do not use text -speech: You should not use text speech because some people may not be able to understand it.

2. Proper email language: Make sure to use proper email language so people can understand you.

3. Do not write in CAPITALS: Don't write in all capital because people will think your yelling at them.

4. CUPS matter. (Capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling): Be sure to use CUPS it makes your work look more proper.

5. Include a greeting: Greet the person so you can be polite.

6. Do not forward chain letters: Don't forward chain letters to your boss or work friends they may think thats unappropriate.

7. Do not reply to spam: Never reply to spam its just trash and could cause a virus.

8. Read the email before you send it: Make sure to read it just incase you messed up.

9. Be concise and to the point: People don't like on going email, so just don't do it.

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