Going to Mars

Are you ready to go to Mars?

warm or hot air + cool or cold air

Mars atmosphere is very thin, the temperature is very cold, You need something that can keep you hot. The temperature on Mars may reach up to 70 degrees fahrenheit at the poles. The average temperature would be about -50 degrees celsius with a nighttime minimum of -60 degrees celsius, and a summer midday maximum of about 0 degrees celsius,then you need a heat suit. When there is a lot of evaporation, on the air is drier and air is saturated [ 100% humidity] at night. This is because of the huge temperature difference between day and night . Wind on mars are strong enough to create dust storms that cover much of the planet. In mars northern mid-latitudes, wind blows from west to east just as it does in United States. Mars atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide. If you read this you can now go to mars. You also need a suit a helmet, some dry food to keep it longer and a water pack.

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