Civilian Space Travel

By: Peyton James

Should civilians travel into space? I think not. My reasoning for this is because it's dangerous,expensive, and you need proper training.

A lot of things could happen the moment a space ship leaves the ground. A normal person could be in danger depending on if they're in the way of something or someone. Civilians wouldn't know how to control their body when gravity kicks in which could be a danger to themselves and others around them because the person could be distracted by the idea of them floating and hit someone or something.

Should NASA waste valuable money on sending everyday people into space? No, because normal civilians could be just floating around and having fun when NASA could use their money to send experts to bring back research and information. Also, the person may get in the way of the scientist when he/she is working.

Many people see no harm in sending civilians into space. They believe it gives normal people a chance to see the moon, however, they haven't had the proper training in order to walk. Some people may have a hard time adjusting and then experts would need to keep an eye on them.

There are many different opinions regarding civilian space travel. I have clearly stated that civilians shouldn't go into space. It is a very dangerous trip, expensive, and requires proper training. I believe space travel should be left to the experts.

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