Christmas Card

By: Gabriela Davila

LIKE: 1) I like this Christmas card because it has the girl centered in the middle. I like the colors she is wearing and the landscape around her. 2) I like the person's art style. I also like that they used influences from where they live. 3) I like the emptiness around the girl. All focus is on her and it makes me think of snow even more. 4) I love the way the paper is cut. 5) I like the calm light colors they used. 6) I like that they have people in it and that it includes their shadows. 7) I like the detail of the animals and the Santa. I like the border. 8) I like their drawing style and the technique they used to draw the beard. 9) I like that they made it look like a dream you might have around Christmas. 10) The dog is cute and they used nice colors that go well together.

DON'T LIKE: 1) The Photoshop effect they used to make the couple's faces be on the ornament was not done well. 2) They could have had decorations that went well together but they don't. 3) It is hard to tell what is what because it is too busy. 4) They added too much to their image. 5) I don't like the strong red on the background color.

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