Classroom  2.0 Live......
My favourite social network  for learning about  Projects and web 2.0 Tools in Education

About  two years ago I came across this really interesting social network- teachers who are interested in technology should all check it. I was looking for webinars online which I could watch live  without having to pay.

I speak English and German and I have always loved learning from the others and from communities of teachers and educators- they have helped me a lot. I could work by using the target language and learn something new while I was sitting in my home without having to rush to conferences or special events.

Some years before I had won a scholarship which had been financed by a  European Project  named  Comenius and the teachers who were working with me  showed me how they  had used web 2.0 tools in education.  I ralized that as a teacher of English  I needed to  learn more as  I had not been trained and I was used only to studying about methodologies and new approaches dealing with TEFL and ESL.

An interesting Community with lots of  Presentations and Ideas

I started following the webinars they run every  Saturday and my life changed as I was getting more involved in my  CPD and learning about the use of web tools in education.

If you check the website you will find a lot of links as the co-founders or rather one of the many who have been working on the website are  educators who have always been involved in education. Among them I have been following  Peggy George who is a great educator, she shares resources and supports educators in the USA and also people like me who are living in Europe.

The webpage opens with a nice layout and you have access to plenty of information and you can learn about important events which they promote and support.

                                 THE LEARNING REVOLUTION PROJECT

A   source of  resources online- for free: videos, links and resources shared and collected by  Peggy George and her team of collaborators


It all started in 2009 and this afternoon we celebrated the anniversary online:

For each year  we have been given plenty of Livebinders and the videos can be seen online.

                                                        7th January 2016

The last and the best videos have been collected and I hope more teachers will watch them :




                                                    The  Presenters in the webinars

Thank you all for working for  this interesting community of teachers, educators and people who love education and the new approaches to teaching and  learning.

You have made a great Revolution and you are supporting  us!!

7th  January  2017

Signed    TIZIANA ANGIOLINI    - a  Life-long  learner and  a teacher