Simon Bolivar

By Daejah Vicente

Dates of Life

July 24,1783: Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) was born in Caracas, Venezuela. His parents died when he was a child and he inherited a fortune. As a young man, he traveled in Europe.

1810: Simon Bolivar joined the group of patriots that seized Caracas in Venezuela and proclaimed independence from Spain. He went to Great Britain in search of aid, but could get only a promise of British neutrality.

1813: Simon Bolivar returned to Venezuela, and took command of a patriot army, recapturing Caracas from the Spaniards.

1814: Royalist forces defeated Simon Bolivar, and he went into exile in Jamaica.

Dec. 1815: Simon Bolivar took refuge in Haiti's southern territories. He received a hero's welcome by General Marion, the military commander of the South.

1817: Simon Bolivar again invaded Venezuela. He established a revolutionary government at Angostura now ( Ciudad Bolivar ), and he was elected president of Venezuela.

Aug. 1819: Battle of Boyacá, when Simon Bolivar defeats Spanish in New Granada ( now Colombia ), liberating the territory.

Dec. 1819: Simon Bolivar returned to Angostura and became the first president of the original republic of Colombia (now Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela)

Jun. 1821: Simon Bolivar crushed the Spanish army at Carabobo in Venezuela.

1821: The Battle of Carabobo when Simon Bolivar defeats the royalists out of the Caracas.

1821: Simon Bolivar marched into the Ecuador and added that territory to the new Colombian republic.

1824: Simon Bolivar led the revolutionary forces of Peru in their fight for independence and won a victory over the Spaniards.

1825: Upper Peru became a separate state, named Bolivia in Simon Bolivar's honor.

1825: After a meeting in1822 with another great Liberator, Simon Bolivar was elected president of Peru.

Liberated Countries

Simon Bolivar, also known as the Liberator is viewed by many as a hero because he has led many countries to independence. He is known to have liberated Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

How did he free these countries?

Simon Bolivar freed those countries by teaming up with army patriots from Venezuela against the Spaniards and the royalists who were ruling those countries at the time.


-- Simon Bolivar was known as the Great El Liberator, he freed many countries and became president of Peru.

-- Simon fought against many Spaniards with the help of army patriots who didn't have many weapons or many people.


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