K - 12 mLearning Options

Mobile learning - the new wave of learning.

Module 9 - Mobile Apps in the Classroom.

This Tackkboard has been created to demonstrate the different apps that an educator could incorporate into their classroom as useful tools.  I have chosen to use Chrome Apps, that students can easily download for free.   All apps described would be useful in any grade level, however, the ones shown here may be more useful and have more impact on the students in a junior/senior high classroom setting.


EasyBib is an online information platform.  It gives students access to websites and other sources which teach them all they need to know about Bibliography/Works Cited.   It teaches the students to use credible sources, avoid plagiarism and to think critically about the things they are reading and using as sources for their information.

How to use it? This app would be extremely helpful in any classroom which requires students to research and use other peoples work to develop their point. It helps students to avoid plagiarism and to learn to credit their sources.  EasyBib is a helpful tool which will assist the students in citing and creating a bibliography for their work done.  This will allow them to be sure that no accidental plagiarism develops.


The flashcards app is much like the real physical flash cards that students/teachers/parents used to have to write out.   With this app, there is so much more versatility and access to unique multitasking activities.   

How to use it?  The great thing about flash cards, is that they are a tried and true method of reviewing/studying and learning throughout the ages.  This app has retrofitted the old idea of pen and paper into a technology focused program to enhance the students abilities.  There is so much versatility within the app that it is great for users of all ages and for whatever subject they deem fit.

Gliffy Diagrams

There is always a need to draw diagrams in classrooms from K-12.  With Gliffy, these diagrams are easy to create and easy to use.  They can be used offline, online, in google documents, and so much more.  Gliffy has numerous amounts of templates to follow, or you can create your own.  It is fun and easy and will be used in so many different ways within the classroom.

How to use it? The nice thing about diagrams is that they can be used in any classroom.  Students can be required to make their own to illustrate a point, or multiple points as an assignment, or as a checkpoint in the classroom.  Educators can use the Gliffy diagrams to create a fun, game like 'quiz', or to enhance the lecture/lesson that they are teaching that day.  There are always ways to use diagrams, and Gliffy makes it easy and fun for everyone.

Booktrack Studio

What an awesome tool! I have to begin by saying.  This Booktrack app is useful in so many different ways, and is a dual purposed app for sure.  Booktrack can be used to read hundreds of different books WITH a soundtrack attached.  There is also another part to the app, that is that the user can create their own book and audio with it.

How to us it? This would be useful in so many different classrooms that will help the reader be able to follow along and understand words phonetically now.  It allows students to become writers and to use different mediums/resources to do so. It would be useful in any class that uses reading and writing as a main part of their activities.  


How great is an app like this?  It is a 3D version of the human body that allows interaction with the user.  So many different things are able to be done, like taking screen shots of the section of body, to peel back layers at a time to see what exactly each one does.  There are so many other great features like being able to do quizzes and assignments, to zoom in and to take notes right on the screen!

How to use it? This app can be used in many different ways.  Biology classrooms is the most obvious use for it.  It creates a way for students to be able to interact with what they are learning. To be able to see and experiment with the human body would help so many different students who need that visual and kinaesthetic representation! This app may be more geared towards the junior/senior high school students, but is one that would be useful in so many ways for a biology/science/health class.

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