Global Village 2015

Issue #1- Air Pollution

Issue #2- Sanctions

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon symbolizes how flexible the UN is, and also, how many agreements they have reached. The artist uses trash cans to show how the countries, that are represented in the cartoon, disagree with the sanctions and "friendly"agreements that have been offered to them. Now that some of the sanctions have been lifted, many Iranians do not want to agree with these new negotiations. In turn, the artist shows the "agreements"in the trash. As a result, the UN has made very few successful agreements because of the lack of trust that there is between the UN and these 3 countries. Although these countries are infamous for making nuclear weapons, bombs, and other dangerous weapons, the recent negotiation that was offered to Iran will probably treat the people in a similar way that they were treated before.

Issue #3- Lack of Women's Government Positions

Women in Iran have always been a fundamental part of the growth of population, economy, and social justice. In present day Iran, women have not been able to take part in the ministerial roles that men have been able to attain. Although this is the issue that I have chosen, I did not know that women were starting to gain more of these positions and fill the gender gap. Marzieh Dastjerdi was appointed as a health minister, a position that had not filled by a woman since the Iranian revolution. Contrary to this great champion in women's rights, there are many positions in parliament, politics, and the work force that have not been filled by deserving women. I think that women in Iran should take a stance and work for the self fulfillment of helping their country.

Issue #4- Internet Censorship

This infographic displays which groups of legal enforcement are currently involved in censorship. Censorship is predominant in Iran and also in other countries around the world. The Iranian president is one of the largest controlling  factors of censorship in Iran. Any people connected with the American president or are in governmental positions below the American president are censored in countries that are against the USA.  The president of Iran also controls what imagery of women is allowed into the Internet. High quality materials are used by the Internet police and they can control whether your post is acceptable or not . Since 2009 new enforcement groups have been added in Iran, which makes the Iranian internet further controlled and censored.

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