Ferdinand Magellan

By: Gillian Litten

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 and died in 1521 form stabbing.


This is a video about Ferdinand Magellan and his attempt to find the spice islands.

Some of Ferdinand Magellan's explores background is 1513: Ferdinand Magellan asked King Manuel of Portugal for permission to sail to the Spice Islands in the Far East. His request was refused following the unfavorable reports from Morocco.

This is a map that shows where Ferdinand Magellan sailed to try to get to the Spice island.   

This is a photo of Ferdinand Magellan Before he went on his great adventure.

He was a Portuguese sea captain who led five Spanish ships and 251 men in the first voyage around the World.

Ferdinand Magellan led the five Spanish ships and 251 men in what was to become the first voyage around the World.He was a tutor at the court of Portugal.First voyage around the world by this explorer.He resumed his studies in Portugal for a couple more years but it was obvious he would not gain support from the Portuguese court. He therefore renounced his Portuguese nationality.

He was the first explorer to sail a voyage around the world.After his parents died he became a page to the queen.He studied the maps of Christopher Columbus.

This is the Armada De Moluccas this is the ship that Ferdinand Magellan sailed to go his amazing adventurer.

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