Top beach party destinations in India

There are some who like to visit the beach to refresh, unwind, and relax in its glory. While there are the others, who think of just one thing when they hear about the beach- Party! And rightly so. The beaches of India have been the chase for numerous people across the globe, ever since the early 60’s. From the hipster generation who flocked the beaches of Goa to modern day youth found strolling around the sandy beaches of the South, the interest of people has scarcely dwindled over a period of years. Landing on the beaches of Goa, this lot experimented with different approaches towards living life. The music became the decisive factor that united these beautiful people who were in search of something more special than the everyday cravings of life.

Beaches have proved to be some of the few places where the youth seem to party, loosening their inhibitions, dancing over the softness of the sands, to the tunes of music, feasting on cuisines and spirits to the fullest. Beach parties are a hit amongst youngsters. If you are eager to be a part of some of these happening beach parties, check out the following destinations:

Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna has the most soulful party scene you can expect to find on the beach. With talented musicians inhabiting the beautiful stretch of land around the famous Om Beach, one can lose themselves in the peace of the place. Many sitar players, flute players, etc. have now become a part of the music scene here and create magic along with the techno beats of dance music. Turn to Gokarna, if you’re looking for a party with a difference.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

According to the ones who really visit the beaches for their scenic beauty, many think that the beaches of Kerala have a lot more to offer than those of Goa. This makes it all the more reason for the ravers to rave on the beaches of this paradise. With a good proportion of international travelers, this place abounds with café’s and shacks thumping trance music beats. There are cheap places to live around the beach and shops selling glow in the dark t-shirts and the typical tye and dye clothes.

Anjuna/Arambol, Goa

The beaches of Goa are famous for their iconic psychedelic music parties that originated from here. Even today, some of the places in Anjuna have weekly parties lined up for the party animals who chose to remain there, and for tourists alike. In order to get a taste of these psychedelic gatherings, one can stay at the beautiful Club Mahindra Resort in Goa as the Club Mahindra reviews suggest it to be one of the best option available.