7 Reasons to Take Advantage of Assisted Living

Here are 7 reasons why assisted living facilities can be so effective in helping seniors achieve and maintain quality lives.

Strategic Planning

An excellent Assisted Living Facility will evaluate the resident and set up a plan so the resident will have the adequate foundation of support to lead a quality life.

Prepared Meals

Many seniors when living at home do not get the adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables in their diet. They do not eat 3 meals a day and no longer have a strong desire to eat. Residents often will regain their health and weight due to properly prepared meals at assisted living facilities. They will assure that the residents are eating. Many excellent facilities that I tour families to have home cooked meals–like real mashed potatoes–not out of a box! They also have choices for the resident. Food is important to most people and many facilities that I have seen have Chefs that have great culinary skills.


I know now that I am getting older, how I miss bonding with people from my own generation. Assisted living facilities can help form those generational bonds again to residents. Residents can talk about some of the challenges they have and conquer some of those challenges together and they can talk about experiences, past events or music/ TV shows, etc.

In-House Medical Staff

A trained medical staff that have experience that deal with Senior Care issues. They can help a resident who had fallen or needs to be redirected in minutes instead of hours if they were at home living alone and beyond just lifting them off the floor by a loved one. A staff will chart their medical issues and seek immediate attention to resolve the cause.


No more worries about the roof, the furnace, the lawn, the plumbing, the hot water heater, etc. The resident can focus on what they would like to focus on maybe reading, painting, pottery, socializing etc. They can expand on and regain their old interests and create new ones.


It is a terrible sight to see a once vibrant person decline and will stay at home because he or she can no longer drive. They maybe afraid to because traffic is faster and heavier than in the past. Assisted living facilities can transport residences to shopping malls, to the theater, to concerts, to the doctor–the residences can become vibrant and productive once again.


One of the most important reasons why an assisted living facility is worth their weight. There is power in numbers. A communal environment makes the senior less vulnerable to attacks and burglary compared to living alone. Most facilities are well planned and spaced layouts to avoid accidents and to emphasize safety. There are alert systems all over the building.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and realize that assisted living facilities offer an unlimited amount of opportunities for a senior to grow and broaden their horizon. Naturally, there are more reasons-if you have any other great reasons, please leave comments. I would love to hear from you.