7 Stylish Ways to Use Your Books as Décor

To a bibliophile, ‘having too many books’ is a concept that just doesn’t apply. No matter how much they have managed to amass, they still hoard books like there’s no tomorrow. The thing with people who collect books is that the chances of stopping them are slim, and that they’re likely to end up with little room for themselves because every square inch of their living spaces are occupied with stacks.

The question is while it’s mesmerizing to see piles of books on the floor and desks and lined up against the walls, how can bibliophiles turn their prized possessions into something more functional apart from being portals to different universes? Short answer—decorate the house with them.

If you are a self-confessed book lover and you want to enshrine your collection no house guest of yours would miss, listed below are seven ways you can use your books to liven up your house.

1. Line a blank wall with books.

Books are a bibliophile’s trophies and what better way to cherish them than by putting them on display. Breathe life to your home’s blank wall by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves with a sliding ladder in tow and fill them in with your collection. You can arrange your books according to color, author, or genre—the choice is yours.

2. Create a book headboard.

Not all beds come with a headboard but you can definitely build one using books. Before your assemble your book headboard, keep in mind that this involves fastening your books onto a piece of wood using nails so you might want to shop for books you’d rather display than read from yard sales or thrift shops.

3. Turn them into picture frames.

Another way you can repurpose books is by turning them into picture frames and putting them up on display. Step up your DIY skills and transform old, hardbound books to photo frames without ruining them. All you need is really sharp knife, plastic protector for the picture, and some tape and you’re set.

4. Take it beyond the library.

Seeing as there is a book practically about everything, there is never a wrong place for you to store pieces of your collection in every room in the house. For instance, if you’re the type who loves to read while indulging yourself in a long, warm bath, place a few books in your bathtub’s shelf instead of stuffing it full with towels. Cookbooks and hard-covered specials on food and dining can always have a place in the kitchen, say in the island. Don’t forget to stack a few coffee table books in the living room to entertain guests and yourself with.

5. Create invisible bookshelves.

Let’s face it: bookshelves can be bulky and we can only board up our walls with them so much. For rooms that have limited space that makes putting up a bookcase tricky, you can opt to build floating bookshelves using your books.

6. Make a book key holder.

Let a book be the first thing you see when you come home and the last before you leave the house by repurposing an old book into a key holder. Use an old hardbound book and attach hooks to it to hang your keys from. You can put one up by the door or by the garage and give your home’s gatekeeping a bookish touch.

7. Turn the pages into artwork.

We’re not saying that you tear the precious pages of your books just so you could turn them into something else. However, in case you have books that are severed beyond repair but still have decent pages to turn into origami, you can make those into paper crane mobiles that you can hang by your window or the nursery. You can also use pages from old phonebooks in case you don’t have any ruined books to spare.

While seeing plenty of books in one room is a view enough to make book lover breathless, you can still have more fun with your books by using them to smarten up your home. If you have more ideas on how to use books as décor, share them with us in the comments below.