Flat Stanley The Hero's Journey

Nick Coffman, Brian Selhorst

Call to Adventure

A bulletin board falls on Stanley while he is sleeping. This causes Stanley to become flat as a piece of cardboard, half an inch thick. His ordinary world is him being a normal kid in a simple community.

Supernatural Aid


Crossing Threshold

Stanley enters an unknown world when he becomes flat. This presents many challenges to him as the story goes on.

Belly of the Whale
Stanley's problems begin in the dark museum at night. This is where he must fend off the art thieves.

Road of Trials
-Stanley must dressed up as a girl to hide in a painting
-He also fights doubt that the thieves will not come
-Stanley battles fatigue and tries not to fall asleep
Allies- Chief of Police, Mr. Dart, Arthur
Enemies- Max, Luther

Temptress, Goddess, Atonement with Father

Supreme Ordeal
Stanley catches the museum thieves

Ultimate Boon
Stanley gets a medal from the Sheriff and his picture gets in to newspaper for his bravery in catching the thieves.

Return Refusal
There is no return refusal, but just the opposite. Stanley wants to return to normal.

Magic Flight
Stanley has a difficult time returning to normal, he must be pumped back up with a bicycle pump.

Rescue from Without
Arthur must pump Stanley back up with a bicycle pump

Crossing the Return Threshold
When Stanley's buttons pop off his shirt, we know that he has returned to normal

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