The Bremen town musicians
By:Milton Revis

It was some animals who came to there few years at the barn so they all decide to runaway so they did to join a musical thing at bremen. Then the robber they meet going to this house and they had food and the animals was hungry so they broke in the house to eat the food and drink the soda or juice.  then the robber ran off in the dark woods and then came back after they saw all the light off and then the robber made one of the men go to the house to see what they are doing and then the robber came out screaming a witch is in the house but it was the animals who beat him up.

The animals live happily ever happy at there new house and i don't know if they ever went to bremen but if they did not they still live a good life they at that cozy home

There the character of the story.

(inference) your crowing could wake up the dead

He said that because he voice is terrible

(inference) There a terrible witch in the house

The man said that cause he was getting beat up like and witch was beating him up.

inference(inference) then we better look for it.

We need to be faster and then stand around.

A tale by: Jacob a Wilhelm Grimm

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