Snow Leopard

Emily Saroukos's infomation about Snow Leopard.


Height : 2 feet at shoulders

Length Will be about 6-7.5 feet, plus between 40 cm and 1m for the tail

Weight will be about 77-120 lbs [35-55 kg] 


Mountain  steeps [pine,evergreen] forest scrub at high altitudes [1800-5900]. They prefer mountain regions in the winter, moving to meadows and rocky areas during the summer months.                 


Snow Leopards live in Big Rocky mountains or Southeast Asia

Biological relationships

The Snow Leopard is an Apex Predator and hence has a Predator-Prey relationship with most animals as food.

Life Cycle

Food Web

Food Chain


Snow Leopard Biome is the Himalayan Alpine region.

Did you know??

Did you know? Snow Leopards have very large paws which act as snow shoes and keep them from sinking into snow .

Did you know? Snow Leopards have green and grey eyes.

Did you know?Snow Leopards are not socail animals.

Did you know?Snow Leopards kill there prey by biting on the neck of the animal

Did you know?Snow Leopards see 6 times better than humans at night.

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