This course is designed to illustrate the various techniques and tools that can be used within Blackboard. It also showcases material on how to add the human element to your online course.

NOTE: Every time you see the image above you will be given a brief explanation of the particular unit's structure and why its organization might be useful in your online course.


Unit 1:

  1. View the Introduction and Orientation.
  2. Select your participation preference: discuss concepts within this Canvas course, set up a blog and share your thoughts with the world, join Twitter and tweet your inputs using the course hashtag #humanmooc.
  3. Introduce yourself in the course discussion, via your blog, via Twitter.

Unit 2:

  1. View the week 1 content.
  2. Take a quick demographic survey.
  3. Continue to participate with your preference - course discussion, your blog, or Twitter.
  4. Share how you support the community of inquiry in your teaching; in the course discussion, your blog, or via Twitter and on the discussion board.
  5. Participate in the VoiceThread Activity.
  6. Create your Instructor Introduction Video that you will use in your own courses.

Unit 3:

  1. View the week 2 content
  2. Take a quick survey on Community of Inquiry
  3. Attend Twitter Chat on November 5, 2013 (Tuesday) at 12:00pm-1:00pm (Central Time).
  4. Continue to participate with your preference - course discussion, your blog, or Twitter.
  5. Consider social presence and instructor questions and comment via your blog or via Twitter.
  6. If you are an advanced participant, share what you are developing and what tools you are using.

Unit 4:

  1. Participate in any or all of the following activities.
  2. View the week 3 content.
  3. Continue to participate in your preferred method.
  4. Reflect on HumanMooc in your preferred method.
  5. Participate in the week three assignment and share your creation.
  6. If you wish, complete the MOOC Survey.
  7. Print your Certificate.

Next Steps

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