Sigmund Freud

Running our minds since 1856

A Psychological Genius

Sigismund Schlomo Freud (Sigmund Freud) was born in Austria on May 6, 1856. Later in life, he became a well-renowned neurologist and fathered modern psychological principals. One of his most prominent ideas is the diagram with the iceberg above. Using this, he described the processes our minds take when making decisions. The three "spheres of influence" (the id, the ego, and the superego) combat each other with every choice we have to make.

The processes of the mind include:

  • the id- the most animalistic senses the human mind can house.
  • the ego- our conscious, logical thought process
  • the superego- our logical thoughts assimilated with our moral and ethical beliefs

Without his discoveries, we wouldn't spend hours in Walmart, we wouldn't be enticed into buying new products, and we definitely wouldn't spend as much money as we do today. Sigmund Freud died on September 23, 1939.

Some of Freud's techniques were even used in this page. He once said that emphasized words stand out in our minds and make it easier to remember. He even taught people how to take notes using this technique.

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