Christopher Columbus

By:Tiffany Wu  4-402

Christopher Columbus is a famous explorer who sailed to America.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer. He made a mistake since he was trying to get to Asia but got lost on his way. As a result, he traveled to America instead because he decided to go west and a little land was blocking his way. He actually landed in the Bahamas. He brought three ships with him which were the Nina, Santa Maria, and the Pinta. Columbus found out that he didn't sail to Asia and he sailed to America but people back then called it the "new world."Even though he found America he wasn't the first explorer ever.I think because Europe is right next to The New World (America) and he didn't know it was there so he traveled west to get Asia and bumped right into Bahama in America.Instead of finding gold he discovered Native Americans.Cristopher Columbus discovered the land we are living in today.

Columbus's voyage

One of Columbus's ship

What he wanted

Columbus wanted gold and spices. He wanted to go to Asia because it only had it there.According to Wikipedia it said that the first time he tried to get gold and spices from Asia he got stuck in the Bahamas.


Christopher Columbbus was the guy who found America.


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